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I am a slave
To the man in the grave
ďItís revenge I crave.Ē,
say the young and the brave

Spending the best years
Wiping your motherís tears
Soothing your sisterís fears
Until the moment nears

When you have a gun in your hand.
Your future is planned
Youíre not taking a stand
When others demand,

ďItís an eye for an eye.Ē
Do you ask why?
If you donít ask why, another will die.
Is it time for another drive-by?

You walk closer to the ride
A symbol of gang pride
The last man who sat there died
Your two worlds collide

Your conscience or the gun
Your motherís last son
The clock has begun
To stand or to run

To lock and load
Youíre at a crossroad
The clock has slowed
Courage showed

I was a slave
To the man in the grave
Then I forgave
It was my life to save


I open up the mic
And let the rhymes fly
Donít know what Iíll say
And I donít know why

Comes from inside
Where I canít hide
Iím not ready to be boxed up
Cannot be locked up

I donít use violence
Or the sound of silence
No first-class felony
Or rock-and-roll melody

I squeeze my juice
From the fruits of my labor
Not stealing from my neighbor
Or making more babies

Put down the pipe
And the chronic
This boom is sonic
A new love tonic

Treat your neighbor like yourself
Put your gun on the shelf
Lay off the Ecstasy
Try to see you in me

Youíre just scratching the surface
If your life has no purpose
One high after another
Every day like every other

Stand up to your mic
And say a prayer
Raise your hands in the air
Like you just might care


The war on drugs
Is a war on us
There's nothing to discuss

An Attorney General leads an army
Who will harm
Will disarm me

Five-O is an army of occupation
Under God we're not one nation
It's a government invasion

If they send us to prison
They don't have to listen
A generation is missin'

They built a cell for me
A hell for me
For my felony
We're not the enemy
But my men and me
Are history

If dealing weren't a crime
I'd have my own five-and-dime
Selling chronic down aisle nine

One vote, one man
That was the plan
Unless you live in Oakland

They took away my right to vote
But I found an antidote
This is what I wrote

My Declaration of Independence
To mend us
To end this

A little warning to anyone
Who will hunt me or confront me

I'm getting older
and colder
and bolder

I'm a prisoner of war
Come to settle the score
If you stop me, there's a thousand more


Please tune into:
A station of the mind
That's where you'll find
Everything I designed
Everything that was mined

From the depths of despair
When I didn't care
I lived in fear
Of what was out there

I saw all of the pain
The sidewalks stained
From the bullets that rained
Down on all of my friends

My gun wasn't loaded
But still I exploded
From a brain eroded
Bankrupt and corroded

I ran out of the house TO SHOUT
What I was all about
No more fear or doubt
About what I had to announce

I rule my own destiny
Better see the best in me
Don't try arrestin' me
No gangbangers testin' me

I'm taking back my street
Will not admit defeat
My victory is complete

I changed my mood
My thoughts and attitude
No longer subdued

So change your station
Time for a new situation
It's a Hip Hop Nation